The Horse Project - Where Horse People Buy and Sell Horse Stuff
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What Is The Horse Project aka THP?

It’s the brainchild of a horse crazy woman that’s been riding for decades and knows the impact horses have on our lives. The idea is to take the best of Facebook, Etsy, Kickstarter, Reddit and Tumblr or Blogger and put them into one site just for people into horses. Yep – big, ambitious dream. So big that people have told us we’re nuts. And maybe we are. But we know horse people. So for that reason, we want you to tell us what you want. Check out the cliff notes and then message us. Let’s build The Horse Project together!

Get Social

This is our customizable Facebook-like experience but for people who are into horses. There could be live chats, walls, status updates, groups, photos, videos, events, a news feed, “likes” and more. We even want members to link to their Facebook, YouTube Channel, and Tweet what they do on The Horse Project. And no data mining. Ever!

List It

Have you ever been frustrated by not reaching the right audience to sell your tack, apparel, custom equine artwork, or even your horse? When on other sites selling literally anything and everything, do you find it hard to find the item you want, need or desire? THP List It solves that problem. No more getting lost in the crowd. Find what you want. Sell what you want.

Pay It Forward

Like crowdfunding? Then maybe you’d appreciate Pay It Forward. What’s your equine driven passion? Why should someone support it? Is it a cause, reality show, non-profit group, rodeo, show, invention, or the next best “whatever”. We think it would be amazing to help people’s horse-related dreams become reality. Do you?

The Watercooler

Think forums, discussions, and advice between horse people – pro and non-pro alike. It’s all about exchanging ideas and finding solutions to what we do when working with our horses or dealing with the stuff that goes along with living the horse life. It can also just be a fun place to hang out whether you elect to join the conversation or not.

Sound Off

Have advice you want to share in a longer post? Living the horse life? Maybe you have a story you want to tell about how you got into horses, or wish you could. What if you wrote a short story (or novel) that’s horse centered? You’d have a place to write and share with people that really “get” you. What do you think?

In the Horse Industry?

We want to hear from you to talk about how we can feature you and/or your products and services on The Horse Project? Trainers, artists, equine businesses of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Give Back

Have an organization that could benefit from our own desire to Pay It Forward? Reach out to learn more about our revenue donation program and how you could be a beneficiary.

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